An entrepreneur is an originator of a business or someone who comes up with a business idea and I implements it. For example as an entrepreneur I can take advantage of the corona era and introduce an business of getting people to order goods especially grocery from shops online through an application which will be direct to me then I get the ordered stuff for them and deliver it at their doors to save people from going to the shops themselves to be exposed to the virus. That’s being an entrepreneur in general.

Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit. Entrepreneurship is when an individual takes action to make a change in the world. Whether startup entrepreneurs solve a problem that many struggle with each day, bring people together in a way no one has before, or build something revolutionary that advances society, they all have one thing in common: action.

It means being the one that is willing to take a leap, work hard enough to sacrifice everything else around you, all in the name of solving problems because no one else is capable or possesses the desire.

Entrepreneurs create jobs. Without entrepreneurs, jobs wouldn’t exist. Entrepreneurs take on the risk to employ themselves with an ambition to continue their business’ growth  which eventually leads to the creation of new jobs. As their business continues to grow, even more jobs are created. Thus, lowering unemployment rates while helping people feed their families.

Some of the greatest technologies in today’s society have come from businesses. The technological advances come out of a need to solve a problem, create efficiencies, or improve the world. Thus, in periods where there’s more advancement in technology, it’s usually due to the work of an entrepreneur. These might create a new product that solves a burning problem or take on the challenge to explore something never explored before. Many believe in improving the world with their products, ideas or businesses.

While some have this notion of the rich being evil and greedy, they often do more for the greater good than the average person. They make more money and thus pay more in taxes which helps fund social services.

Entrepreneurs are some of the biggest donors to charities and nonprofits for various causes. Some seek to invest their money in creating solutions to help poorer communities have access to things we take for granted like clean drinking water and good health care. In brief they give back to the community.

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