Definition of Delegation

This is the assigning of duties down the ladder in an organisation to perform specific tasks. In this case the person who delegates are the one who will always be responsible to all the faults and the flows that will be done by the person assigned the task.

Delegation is the major tool in skills development in an organisation since it gives access to the It is when done nicely delegation adds efficiency in the businesses but when not done well it may cause a lot of problems in an organisation

The advantages of delegation are:

It gives the subordinates the power to act for the manager. The manager is able to share his burden of work with his subordinates through delegation. Thus, giving the manager some time to do other things for example if something arises that needs the top managers attention while he will be doing one of his daily duties, by delegation he will be able to assign his deputy to do his daily duty and attend what has arisen.
Delegation also gives the subordinates the power to exercise their brains by facing more challenging duties (duties above their operation level). This on its on can work as a motivational tool to the subordinates and can help the managers assess the subordinate’s skills and capabilities.

Organisation grows and expands out of delegation. Delegation speeds up decision making as power is shared at all levels and excess to wide range of ideas from different people since tasks will be shared among lots of people. Granting of freedom to act by the superior shows the confidence of the superior over tile subordinates, thus improving the behaviour pattern of subordinates.
When a manager is on leave the work is taken by subordinates and provides continuity in functions. And It also motivates the subordinates to do better and perform well.

The disadvantages of delegation include:

Delegation when not done well it may also cause problems and a lot of grievances between the managers and the subordinates.  If the manager delegates a task to his or her deputy and the deputy messes up on the task or doesn’t do the task well, or say the boss losses serious clients due to mistakes done by a subordinate there can be problems.  There can be loss of trust from the manager and also the subordinate may end up losing trust on him or herself.  This makes delegation a good thing in business only when done well

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