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Short answer is is yes and no. Confused you further? Here is an why our response was yes and no:  You do not need to voluntarily register for VAT either as an individual sole trader or limited company. If however your sales turnover or the company’s reaches £85,000, or is predicted to do so in the near future then it will become compulsory to register for VAT. You can find out more about VAT by referring to FAQ on VAT.

What are the advantages of being VAT registered?
  • VAT registered businesses can claim back the VAT that they pay to their suppliers. They will also be required to charge VAT on their customer sales.
  • Being VAT registered instills confidence in the clients and suppliers with whom business is conducted.
  • Many online accounting systems now conveniently calculate and file VAT returns directly with HMRC.
  • Backdate claims for VAT for up to 4 years on goods (assuming you still have them) and 6 months on services for business related purchases for which you retain a valid VAT invoice.

We have a working relationship with HMRC to ensure that applications are processed smoothly without delay.

  • We ensure your application is filed with HMRC within hours of receipt.
  • We are typically able to provide a VAT number within just one week. *
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